What Wood is used in making Chess Sets ?

Most of our range is of wood chess sets. Some are bone and some are metal. We have received a number of inquiries into what particular woods are. Hence we've created this informative guide of the wood types used in chess pieces. Common names can create confusion because many different tree species use the same common name. Ebony, for instance, is used as a common name for at least six distinctly different species of tree, ranging in color from medium striped brown (Diospyros mindanaensisto) to deep black (Dalbergia melanoxylon). Actually, the Dalbergia genus is usually associated with Rosewoods, not commonly, Ebonies. It is because of this confusion we have included the scientific names (genus and species) to help accurately differentiate these woods. 


The Rosewood most commonly used for chess pieces is a species of tree scientifically known as Dalbergia latifolia, commonly known as East Indian Rosewood, Malabar, and Bombay Blackwood. Dalbergia is the genus that generally denotes all Rosewood species worldwide, but most chess piece wood is indigenous to India. It is found in the dry deciduous forest throughout the Indian peninsula growing in the sub-Himalayan tract from Oudah eastwards to Sikkim, Bihar, Orissa, and throughout central and southern India. Optimum growing conditions for this species are reported to be in Bombay. The wood is supposed to be fairly difficult to carve and work by hand, a tribute to the skill of chess piece craftsman. The color range of this wood goes from a rose to dark brown color with even darker lines. The darker streaks impart an attractive figure to the wood. The crossed, narrowly interlocked grain, with the combinations of darker streaks gives the wood a very attractive appearance. This wood, with proper preparation, also has excellent finishing and polishing characteristics. 

Bud Rosewood

From the same species as Rosewood Dalbergia latifolia, Bud Rosewood is harvested from only the roots of the tree which makes the wood rarer in quantity than the normal Rosewood. The unique color of this type of rosewood is a lighter wine burgundy. Dalbergia is the genus that generally denotes all Rosewood species worldwide, but as described above for Rosewood, most chess piece wood is indigenous to India. It is found in the dry deciduous forest throughout the Indian peninsula. It grows in the sub-Himalayan tract from Oudah eastwards to Sikkim, Bihar, Orissa, and throughout central and southern India. Optimum growing conditions for this species are reported to be in the Bombay region. The wood is fairly difficult to carve and work by hand, especially true of the Bud Rosewood, the root part of the tree. The color range of this wood goes from a rose to dark brown color with even darker lines. The crossed, narrowly interlocked grain, with the combinations of darker streaks gives the wood a very attractive appearance. This wood, with proper preparation, also has excellent finishing and polishing characteristics, more so with this root part of the Dalbergia tree. 

Boxwood (or Chidar)

The Boxwood or Chidar is most commonly used for white and some black chess pieces. It is from the species of tree scientifically known as Gossypiospermum praecox, commonly known as West Indian Boxwood. This species of wood is reported to grow in the Dominican Republic, the Maracaibo Lake region of Venezuela. It is usually found on dry chalky or rock slopes. It has a texture which is very fine and uniform. It has a generally straight grain, with a very high luster. It can be turned on a lathe very easily, and its carving characteristics are described as excellent. Its coloring is usually a very light yellow-brown, with a hint of red tones. All of these characters makes Boxwood an excellent choice for white chess pieces. Also, the wood accepts stains very well, and many of the stained black colored pieces are stained boxwood or chidar. 


The Ebony is the most sought-after wood for chess pieces and is most used for expensive chess sets. Ebony wood comes from a tree scientifically known as Diospyros melanoxylon, commonly known as East Indian Ebony, Marblewood, and Tendu. The species is common in the deciduous forests of the Central providences, Chota Nagpur, Behur, southern India, and the whole Indian Peninsula. The heartwood, which is part of the tree most commonly used, is a deep and slightly grained black in respect to its color. It is more brittle than the sapwood. The grain is commonly straight, sometimes irregular. The texture of the wood is fine and even. The black heartwood is very resistant to decay, so the longevity of this wood is excellent. This wood exhibits excellent finishing and polishing characteristics. Once again, this is a tough wood to carve, but chess piece craftsman is very familiar with the problems and is masters at working this hardwood with hand tools. The deep luster and total blackness of the blocks make for exceptional, true black chess pieces. Ebony is one of the traditional woods used in chess pieces. A common alternative is a species Dalbergia melanoxylon, a nearly black rosewood that is sometimes referred to as "striped" ebony. 


A wood sometimes used for chess pieces is Walnut, usually European Walnut (Juglans regia). European walnut is believed to have been introduced to Italy and western Europe in general, and possibly to Britain, by the Romans from Asia Minor. Most of the trees in Britain are reported to be planted in gardens, and occasionally along hedgerows. European walnut is very limited in availability. The heartwood varies in color but it typically has a grayish-brown background with irregular dark streaks. The grain is normally straight, but may occasionally be wavy. European walnut wood has high natural durability. Polishing properties are excellent. The wood has excellent staining qualities, but UV light inhibitors are essential in finishes to prevent color from bleaching. Some of our manufacturers also use North American relatives to this species, such as Black Walnut (Juglans nigra), which has a darker color. 


Another very popular wood for chess pieces is Sheesham, usually of the species (Dalbergia sissoo). Sheesham (D. sissoo ) occurs throughout the sub-Himalayan region, from the Indus to Assam, usually at elevations of up to 2950 feet (900 m), but sometimes at 4900 feet (1500 m). It often grows in mixed stands on new alluvial lands or the low banks of rivers. The tree is also reported to be widely planted in many parts of India, especially in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Assam. It is also reported to be an introduced species in Nigeria. Large supplies of the timber are reported to be available from Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, while limited quantities can be obtained from West Bengal and Assam, all in India. The heartwood is described as golden brown to deep brown in color, with darker streaks that give the wood an attractive appearance. The wood is hard, with a uniform and medium coarse texture. Natural resistance to decay is very high, and the heartwood is reported to be rarely attacked by borers and ants. Carving properties are reported to be very good, and it is considered to be one of two most popular carving and engraving woods in India. Sheesham is reported to be a good turnery wood. It also peels exceptionally well to produce highly decorative veneers which are applied without difficulty. 

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Playing Chess

If you wish to learn to play the game of chess, it is suggested that you get a book on the best way to play it. A good deal of turn-based chess games can last for a number of months.

To triumph at chess, you have to concentrate and think ahead. Chess is an academic game and what's important is acquiring the abilities and knowledge necessary to win your opponent. To the contrary, chess, although it may seem complex at the beginning, maybe an intriguing game where you attempt to defeat your opponent by surrounding the king such he is trapped. If you would like to learn to play chess, then you ought to be interested in knowing the most effective ways to learn chess. When it has to do with finding the ideal chess set for your house, you certainly do have lots of alternatives to consider and you are able to spend literally hours perusing the many choices.

Everybody who plays chess would like to secure better at it, and usually, if you're new to chess or simply a weaker player, then there is one specific person whom you want to beat. Chess has an extensive and impressive history. Chess is a complex and challenging game with a 1500-year-old history. Chess has gained plenty of popularity all around the world. If you're looking for simple chess moves to win, look elsewhere, as winning is never straightforward and if it's easy, it's not satisfying.

If you just recently bought a set, you are going to want to have a good look at what is included in your set to make certain you aren't buying something you presently have. Some sets are somewhat whimsical with the trains having personalities developed. If you're going to purchase chess game sets, then you will surely see that the ideal collection of all sorts of games, both expensive and affordable, can be found on the internet. What you may not know is that the range of chess game sets is totally huge.

Sets kept at home often need a storage case for those pieces so they don't become damaged by accident. No matter your reason, if you understand what you're eager to pay, then you need to be in a position to purchase the set and purchase the chess pieces which you will enjoy for several years to come. Chess sets can be available in many forms and assortments. There are different kinds of chess sets on the market today and you're able to take your pick depending on your pick. The previous kind of chess set is created out of glass. Purchasing a new chess set may be an exciting event.

If you prefer to travel and would like to take your chess board on you, you should check travel chess sets. No matter the chess board it is you're looking for, there are many alternatives for finding the board which suits you best all that is required is your initial plan concerning the most important reason you will buy the new board and then your research into finding the chess board which suits you best. Whichever chessboard ever you choose, be mindful that lots of chess boards have a tendency to be large and it is better to have a sturdy table to put the board. Thus the decision as to whether you want to utilize it or whether you simply need a chess board for decoration should be decided from the outset.

If you're planning to use the chess board on a fairly regular basis then you will need to make sure you devote the opportunity to locate a board that's long-lasting. You desire a chess board that's sturdy and will be long lasting in addition to appealing to the eye. You can also locate chess boards made from alternative materials like plastic, glass, and marble, however, you need to select a board which best suits your requirements and your style. To start with, the ideal leather chess boards will be either hand stitched or press made, and they're going to actually have some good color combinations. 

PDA chess software gives many features for beginners to learn and polish their game. Not everybody is satisfied with the internet's chess-playing rooms. You can begin by shopping online so that you can discover a broader assortment of boxes out there. No cost intelligent phone or PDA chess games are ideal for travelers, irrespective of age.

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Luxury Games for Christmas and All year round

Christmas is the best time to get a luxury board game out and impress your friends and family, as well as... getting competitive!

While some family members are prohibited from games that are certain, why not try to get everyone involved in a family game of Monopoly?

In a poll last year, Monopoly was voted Britain's favourite Christmas game.

This British game we love and know was, actually, was originally place in America. But it has been made popular due to our well-known London landmarks. In World War II, the British Secret Service even set up fake charities to get the game using the board to hide real cash, maps and compasses.


In 1938, the game was created by American architect Alfred Mosher Butts as a variation on an earlier word game he invented called Lexiko. James Brunot subsequently switched to name to the name we now know and adore, "Scrabble", a genuine word which means "to scrape frantically". In 1949, Brunot and his family made that year, but sets 2,400 lost money.

According to legend, Scrabble's big break came in 1952 when Jack Straus, president of Macy's New York , played with the game on holiday. Upon returning from vacation, he was surprised to find that his shop did not carry the game. He put a large order and within a year, "everyone had to have one." Now roughly one-third of American homes have a Scrabble set, so creating one the most popular board games ever.



Challenge each other this Christmas with a game of Chess Sets

Chess is believed to have originated during the Gupta empire in Eastern India, where its early form in the 6th century was known as Chaturanga.

The game reached Russia and Western Europe by at least three courses, the first being in the 9th century. By the year 1000 it'd spread throughout Europe. Introduced into the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors in the 10th century, it was described in a famous 13th century manuscript covering shatranj (Arabic chess), backgammon, and dice. Another theory claims that chess originated from the game xiangqi (Chinese chess) or among its predecessors, although it has been contested.


Try your luck this season at a game of Backgammon.

Backgammon is an associate of the tables family, among the earliest classes of board games on the planet.

In the sixteenth century, Elizabethan laws and church regulations prohibited playing tables, but by the eighteenth century backgammon was popular among the English clergy.

We've got you sorted with our journey backgammon sets if you're on the move this Christmas.


Get the gang together for a Poker game this Christmas, try to not gamble all your Christmas gifts... as some possibly luxury presents!

The game of poker was developed some time during the early 19th century in America. Since those early starts, poker has grown to become an incredibly popular pastime throughout the world.

We hope you enjoy playing these games this Christmas!
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Chess Sets Draughts and Games Compendiums

BackgammonThe old game of Backgammon changed 1000s of years over into the game nowadays we know,. Its oldest known likely ancestor will be the Egyptian sport termed "Senet" (or often Senat, recognized to the Egyptians as "the overall game of thirty squares") that was enjoyed on the board of 3 x-10 squares with dice and dates back to at the very least 3,000 BC. The exact regulations of Senet are not known and also have been lost ever, but it is thought to have engaged a lot of the playing principles of Backgammon.


Chess Sets: Several places declare to possess devised the chess game. The most commonly held notion is that chess started in India, where it was called Chaturanga, which appears to have come to exist while in the 6th century AD. It is thought that Persians made a more modern edition of the sport after the Indians though this is generally presumed. In excavations of old Persian territories, the earliest known chess pieces have already been found in fact.

Draughts: A primitive board-game with the start record existed presently forty centuries before. People in Africa shifted shells or rocks on lines used the sand. Much like we do, an item was taken by them by leaping over it. This game was not however draughts, for your pieces shifted in almost any way along with promotion was not included by the game. Draughts was created between 1500 and 2000 BC, when the marketing was devised by an African. Using a part which had penetrated to the opponent’s bottom strip backwards was simply permitted out of this time on moving and taking.

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Luxury Backgammon Sets in the UK

It is considered that backgammon originated in around 3000BC within the Local Kingdom, and so Backgammon sometimes appears to become the earliest recorded game in history – older also that chess! Current archaeological digs have unearthed backgammon boards which are nearly the same as the panels we employ nowadays – with the oldest known board made from ebony presenting bits of turquoise and agate. Backgammon was more typically enjoyed on hard areas including lumber, with indicators manufactured from stone, and cube made from of gems bones, wood or art art. Variants of the overall game that individuals call Luxury Backgammon set could be traced back again to early countries in China, India, Egypt, Greece where it was so common it generate the nickname “The Recreation of Kings”.

In Persia, the overall game was generally termed (which translates approximately to “Battle on Wood”, and the initial three cube employed were reduced to just two. The sport continued to spread around the world in acceptance, and in the end reached Europe. The present day version of backgammon that people perform today, supposedly arises from a 17Th-Century English game named “Tables” where doublets were played twice, and when your opposition didn't eliminate or get home some of their pieces you might earn up-to double the levels! “Tables” was a popular sport for investors & troopers to enjoy throughout the medieval crusades, along with the Chapel actually tried to ban the game a few times but were not never unsuccessful as the board was merely scratched by people from soil and applied pebbles for the pieces.

The fact the Cathedral attempted to prohibit backgammon previously, results in a fascinating style characteristic of the game that is nevertheless employed today! When Cardinal Wolesley obtained all boards burnt and named Backgammon “The Devil’s Folly”, English artisans created an idea to disguise the boards by allowing them to be folded in two, making them nearly seem like a guide! This intelligent layout remains the technique that is standard that backgammon boards are created to today.

The actual beginning of the term Backgammon isn’t definitely regarded, though you'll find related phrases in both Welsh English. The Welsh version is baec (back) and cammaun (battle) as the Middle English is baec (back) and gamen (game). In any event, the term Backgammon appears to come in the English vocabulary within the 1600s. Where it became a typical residence fixture alongside the other old favorite chess, backgammon continued to spread around the world and finally arrived in America, thanks to the Settlers! Falling while in the Victorian - age just a little out of favor, excitement and new attention concerning the sport was started with the release of the doubling dice within the 1920s.

To be able to enhance the degree of skill required within the sport the doubling dice is considered to have been launched towards the game by an unfamiliar gambler in Nyc. This ensured that Backgammon again turned a popular pastime, and improved its marketability. It turned not really unpopular in individual clubs at the time, and journals focused on the game and strategies to gain actually began to be posted. the Ny Racquet and Tennis Team modifyed in 1931 the guidelines of the sport, and these are the genuine source of the standard principles that are still applied globally rode.

This is the very first Formal World Backgammon Event, as well as the profitable of it is Backgammon’s highest honour. Prince Obolensky was also referred to as the “Grandfather of Backgammon”, and he was the President of the Planet Backgammon Membership until he died in 1986.
Backgammon is still a sport that is popular within the Middleeast, and much more than throughout the world. Millions of people play with backgammon every day in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Armenia. In reality, it's such a popular game in Greece it is regarded a national interest, has three different variations for folks to play, and a Traditional competition manager recently suggested that around 90% of the populace and the game play!

Recently, developments in technology have meant that the sport has now moved online as well. Computers can now provide reasonable opponents for participants, as well as execute roll outs of roles which saves hours of time and in addition gives players a deeper understanding of the game. Nowadays, with the net, players and additional players are now able to connect all around the globe with just the click of a mouse – which ideally can induce a new wonderful age, and has witnessed a resurgence inside the curiosity about the sport.

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Backgammon Set in History

Backgammon's historic sport is definitely an inveterate fun quest for huge numbers of people throughout the globe's Four Sides. The game's fundamental structure, is basically a competition between two competitors who each competition 15 checkers around a recommended monitoring of twenty four pips, presented inside a panel that is square. Success is secured by the contestant to get rid of almost all their items in the panel. The checkers' motion is ruled by-chance engendered from the figures produced with a move of two die.

The game likes no governmental or linguistic limitations: towards the jungles of the Amazon in the deserts of Arabia the recognition of the overall game includes every region. Certainly, it's common to locate researchers located in Antarctica ensconced because of the introduction of the Web game-servers in a fight against geographically remote competitors. This short article efforts to supply a brief summary of the development of the game from its unclear roots in the Centre East towards the digital gambling circles of the Next century A.D. additionally, the item may make an effort to gauge the historical socio-remarkable facets, that have affected the recognition of the intriguing sport

Fun board games using /or opportunity and ability are an common function throughout international civilization's panoply. The lifestyle of activities that were such could be tracked a large number of back. Towards the ancient civilizations of Asia and the Middle-East. Nevertheless, the times of the creation stays and also the particular roots surrounded within time's mists. The clear answer towards the query' were games initially created?' has demonstrated to be a much more challenging 'Grail' pursuit of several historians.
Numerous experts have recommended that board-games games' idea was initially based on additional activities of opportunity, which within the divinatory utilization of the arrow-head had their roots in turn. Additional historians understand their source to lie-in the world of the occult.3 generally, experts feature backgammon's roots towards the historic board games performed from the Egyptians, Romans, Sumerians and Persians.

Numerous wall paintings found within tombs and various temples include pictures of individuals enjoying board games. The pictures have now been usually dated at around 2500. One particular sport with parallels towards backgammon's contemporary actual structure may be the sport of Senat or Senot. Real sport-planks and various gambling paraphernalia were found in numerous Egyptian tombs dating in the First Empire towards the Twelfth Dynasty (3000-1788 B.C.).4

Though the games' actual style varied, they usually dropped in to competition board's category. The boards' structure usually made up of a matrix of rectangular tissues, a number of which bore distinct insignia. Although the quantity of items containing a complete collection is unfamiliar artifacts of playing parts supported some planks. Senet's initial guidelines stay a secret as no report of genuine guidelines continues to be found up to now. Regardless of the inability of rebuilding the activities from two-dimensional and imperfect artifacts pictures from grave surfaces, numerous lovers have experimented with finish the it ought to be noted that no proof exists the sport included dice's use.

A combined journey between the College of Pennsylvania Memorial and also the British Public, brought from the archaeologist Friend Leonard Woolley found four wooden sport-planks between the treasure troves of Ur Chaldees. Two of the board games comprising a matrix of twelve pieces have now been dated at around 2600. Models of two sets of three die and pieces were likewise found in the site.6 These Regal Activities of R are regarded whilst the harbingers of contemporary backgammon as powerful applicants although the exact guidelines of the overall game remain unidentified.

The Empire's heritage includes items of the board game Duodecim Scriptorum commonly referred to as the twelve lines' overall game. Types of leather game-boards8 have now been discovered relationship from round the second-century A.D., although fictional recommendations offer proof of the gameis recognition just before this period.9 Curiously, some planks were found with models of 30 pieces comprising 15 ivory, and 15 ebony pieces10. Proof shows that move of three die, and types of sport ruled checker motion - boards have now been discovered along with a group of six die.11 that is cubic
The overall game was perhaps based on the Senat holding an identical matrix of 3 X - 12 factors, and Murray12 is the sport is just a reproduction of the Traditional Kubeia, which Plato assigns to source.

In Rome where the 3rd strip of 12 items was overlooked, a brand new version of Duodecim Scriptorum seemed round the first-century A.D.. Alea's universal phrase, which initially intended gambling's art with chop, turned mounted on the brand new version. Proof that is documentary demonstrates that Alea had turn into an activity that is common from the first-century ADVERTISING, where period it had been Claudius who's respected to possess created a manuscript about the game.13's preferred sport

Whilst the universal phrase of Tabula elevated in recognition, meaning Panel, turned widespread currency, although the two titles coexisted long in to the new century. The overall game-panel to 24 points' reformation makes Alea a powerful prospect whilst backgammon's first accurate precursor. Evidence14 shows the sport initially started from the people throwing cube to enter their pieces onto the panel, an attribute highlighted within numerous modern backgammon variations including Acey- and Puff's guidelines.

Nevertheless, subsequent diffusion of the overall game throughout Europe and Asia, versions within the game's preliminary starting jobs were express
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